„Cambria®“ products are easy to care for. Just wipe with a soft cotton cloth and warm water; if necessary, use mild soap. Make sure your „Cambria“ product is not exposed to abrasive, strong alcaline substances, acids, free radicals, oxidants or similar agents (no matter whether your cleaner‘s pH is high, neutral or low). Various chemicals are erosive and/or destructive and may have aggressive effect on any surface, including „Cambria” products. It is very important not to underestimate possible effect of these substances on the surface. Cambria products are not resistant to heat, chemicals or fractures in any form. Please remember about the adverse effect of these potentially dangerous factors.

Do not use and avoid any contact of „Cambria“ products with certain cleaning agents including, but not limited to, bleachers, oven cleaners, „Comet®“, „Soft Scrub®“, S.O.S. ® products containing pumice, batteries, paint cleaners, furniture strippers, patina or silver cleaners, etc. Do not use abrasive or coarse scrubbing sponges.
By any means do not put any sealers, penetrating fillers or surface care materials on your „Cambria” product. Such products would wear out and the surface would become dull and uneven.

1. „Cambria“ product is made of pure natural quartz stone. The colours, patterns, size, form and shade variations of the natural quartz stone are unique and exclusive features of this product.

2. The colour spots are carefully included into the most designs to boost the product‘s natural beauty.

3. Cambria is durable and resistant to surface damage. Yet, all stones may be destructed by force and there is no such stone which would be completely protected from chipping. Items bumping into the edges, especially next to sinks or dishwashers may cause chipping. Although scratching with a small knife would only blunt the knife without damaging your „Cambria” product, no stone surface is resistant to scratches. Scratches are better visible on a monotone design rather than on a multicolour surface.

4. A natural stone surface may be damaged by sudden and (or) fast change of temperature, especially next to the edges, or due to direct and/or permanent heating of the top. „Cambria“ product is not resistant to direct heat transmission from cooking pots, frying pens and other cooking devices such as electric fryers and roasters, crock pots, grills or heating lamps. Therefore we always recommend to use a thick rug to protect from heat or a stable base, for example, a bread cutting board to make sure the surface does not get hot.

5. In the „Cambria Matte ™“ finishing one would see usual use marks which are easily removed with a universal cleaner, for example, concentrated Simple Green® cloeaner. „Cambria Matte ™“ finish is not shiny, so impurities and/or ground stains may be seen, especially when used in places with heavy traffic, for example, floors.

Thank you for buying „Cambria“.